Interior Design Consultation


Are you considering a complete renovation or refurbishment of your home or property? Unsure quite what to do with your unique space? Now could be a great time for you to reach out for a local interior design consultation.

Here at Howson Design, we specialise in making the most of even the biggest and most complex of spaces. Whether you are looking for an interior design consultant to help you realise your perfect living or kitchen space or need some tips on interior décor for a stylish den or office, we will always be happy to help.


How Does Interior Design Consultation Work?

Crucially, it’s all about you. When you first call Howson Design to set up an interior design consultation, we will make sure to talk through all your design needs and wants in close detail. Don’t be shy to share all the information you can!

Howson Design offers 30 minutes of free consultation time per project. Therefore, if you simply need a short chat about interior design ideas for your period home or classical property, you may not even need to pay a penny.

We will take the time not only to consider options and ideas with you, but to help find you the best materials. By building a design mood board for your project, we can help you to find that perfect look while retaining practical functionality.


What If I Don’t Know What I Want?

No problem! One of the best reasons to get in touch with an interior design consultant is to start brainstorming a few ideas.

We’ve worked to build design boards for a variety of tastes and purposes. Whether your tastes lean more towards the classical and ornate, or towards modernist and minimalist touches, you can rely on our expertise to bring together a practical palette of solutions.

From your initial chats and consultancy with us through to item sourcing and the start of your project, we will make sure to keep your tastes and personality at the heart of all we do.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to look for in interior design. How do you know that a specific style or look is likely to work well for your specific space or setting? That’s why it makes sense to reach out to an expert consultant in your area.


Contact Your Local Interior Décor Expert

Struggling for practical interior design ideas? Maybe you already have a few interior decoration options ready to go but are unsure how to use them for the best. Why not get in touch with Howson Design for a fresh pair of eyes and a second opinion?

Consult with us now – either drop us a line through our web form or call our interior design consultation services on 07368 423942. We want to make sure you’re making the most of your home and its interior design. Who knows – in a few short weeks, you could be looking at the perfect aesthetics you’ve always dreamed of.

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