Bespoke Furniture Design


At Howson Design, we’re inspired by some of the most fantastic looks and styles from decades gone by. As well as being experts in restoring and refurbishing classic furniture and standards, our customers rely on us as furniture makers from scratch. We work with leading upholstery suppliers and fabric mills to ensure that our furniture not only looks the part, but that it’s endlessly comfy for years and years to come.


Why Choose Bespoke Furniture Design?

Why not? If you’ve ever furnished a property before, it’s likely you have done your fair share of tours around furniture outlets. The same applies to curtains and cushions, too – how easy is it to find that perfect look first time around? It’s probably not as simple as you think.

As well as sourcing custom furniture , we work intensively to bring vintage pieces back to life. We’re of the opinion that just because furniture is showing its age, doesn’t mean that it’s at the end of its life.

We take great care to gently restore and re-establish some of the most stunning antique pieces of yesteryear. What’s more, when creating footstools, chairs and more from scratch, we use our fantastic eye for detail to establish furnishings that blend into various time periods.


What Can Howson Design Make For Me?

It’s probably quicker to list what we can’t make for you – and that really isn’t much! We are specialist cushion design experts, as well as masters in curtain design. Let us know what you are looking for in the perfect curtains and drapes – from materials and colours to styles and feels – and we will get to work on a practical, eye-catching plan.

Custom furniture is often more attractive to homeowners than store-bought items as they are completely unique. Howson Design brings truly one-of-a-kind pieces to life – meaning that you can call the shots from the design phase right through to the final touches.

What makes Howson leading furniture makers in the area is the fact that we are so open to custom designs and requests. We love a challenge or two, and what’s more, we understand that our customers are looking for truly unique pieces.


Contact Us Today

Need help making curtains or cushions from scratch? Looking for that certain classical settee or footstool, but are struggling to source a look that really suits your personality? It’s high time you spoke to the team at Howson Design.

If you’d like to know more about affordable bespoke furniture design, make sure to email us through our web form for a call back. Or, if you’d prefer, do be sure to call us directly on 07368 423942. Don’t settle for everyday furniture when you can bring a unique look to life!

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