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I remember it so clearly. The year is 1986 and I’m walking through the arched doorway of my grandparents 1950’s 3 bedroom house in Skegness. The design, style and look was so different to anything I’d ever seen before. From the classic Marcel Breuer tubular chairs in the kitchen, to the open plan lounge & dining room, and the wooden/mirrored panelled walls. I knew then that creative interior design would have a place in my heart forever. And now, when I close my eyes and remember that moment: the look and feel come flooding back and it brings a smile to my face.


Who are ‘Howson Design’?


Looking back, I truly believe that the origins of my business lie in these early experiences.

My late Father, Lewis Frank Howson, was a creative entrepreneur and he inspired so much of who I am today. He had a wonderful career spanning the creative industries, all born from his early days in the painting & decorating business. I vividly remember visiting his apartment in Covent Garden, a space filled with a fusion of incredible 70’s and 80’s design. It would give me such an incredible feeling to be surrounded by such interesting and unusual design: imagine a  Ligne Roset style sofa, colourful sculpture glass vases, and posters of famous west-end shows adorning the walls.

I chose to name my business, Howson Design, after my father in order for those early inspirations and memories to live on through my design.


The face behind the name…


Behind the business lies a passionate creative  with a love for art, music and culture. My name is Katy Raywood and I am  a woman who is pivoting from a career as an Art Teacher, to follow in my Father’s footsteps as an entrepreneur. For me, the best designers bring their life’s experience to their work and I truly believe it is my calling to share my passion for design through my business.


I’m sure you are asking the question why now?


My father’s passing in 2013 gave me time to reflect. I decided to take a sabbatical from teaching art & design and this was the catalyst to take me  back to my first love: design. During this time,  I travelled the world visiting places rich in culture, tradition and of course great design. Cities including Tokyo, New York and Barcelona were rich sources of inspiration. I channeled this passion into the renovation of my own family home, whilst raising two wonderful children, and continuing to teach art & design. It was these many paths that finally led to me pursuing my love for interior design full-time. It is my desire to inspire others to create loving homes and incredible spaces in which to build long last memories.


Why is our design different?


When I look at a room I am painting a picture. Step 1 is to understand my client’s needs and desires, and then interpret these in a way that triggers emotion and feelings.

Good design is not just about following a trend, it’s about looking deeper.

Howson Design by Katy Raywood is about giving your home a heartbeat. It’s about giving your home a story.

















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